Abdul Basyir

Abdul Basyir

My full name is Abdul Basyir and you can call just Bas. I was born in Banyuwangi March 6th 1986, so that I’m twenty two years old now. I live in Sembulung (name of village) located in East Banyuwangi which most of the villager are farmer.  Truely, my childhood name was Mohammad Khobir and for a certain reason my parent changed my name with Abdul Basyir while my first brother was being born in 1992. In the childhood, I was a funny, silent, and calm child, told my parent and other familiy. Living in village was very interesting doe to there are a lot of traditional game and friends I always playing with.

In 1990 I started to have my fisrt education by entering one of Taman Kanak-kanak (TK) or such kind of Playing Groups in this time. I started to know a wider environment and more friends that gave me new information and intercourse. Since a child I was very very uncomfortable and unconfident with my own. I din’t know what cause it happen to me. Even I din’t have a bravemant to see my own face in front of mirror. You know it is quite terrible for the child who has such filling. Up to elementary school I didn’t feel a significant change in personality. Although I always got the first rank in my class, I still felt like I’m the worst person I the world and I often dreamed that someday a great evolution would happen to me to chage my face and my body. But it wouldn’t happen to me. In the fourth stage I worked in the garment located near my home to seek for my own money. It really helps me much that I can fullfil my habitual need like toys, T-shirt, and so on.

In the junior high school I began to know more people with different kind of background and way of thinking. As in the elementary school, I always be the class star that have a great mark. I still felt shy to talk with people especially my teacher. That’s why I had not ever joined a member of student organization. I hate it much because they always choose the student who had a good look. When I arrived from school I always worked to the garment and may be it caused me seldom to go some new place.

The most interesting event in my life happened when I was in the second class. There was a very very beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She always gave me an advice to be more confident at all. “No need for you to feel like that”, she said. I really impressed at that time and I tried to obey all of their advices. I started to have my own confident and been able to talk in front of calss that impossible for me to do. I swore, I’ll never forget this girl.

In 2002 I enrolled in one of the senior high school in Banyuwangi. I felt better to enter this new invirontment with a little confident I had. Day by day I always tried to incrase my personality skill by joinning the exschool program namely theater. Here I learned how to interact with the others and to perform in front of mass. I also joined the religius organization namely SKI, but I did’t intend in it cause you know I had to worked. Working in the garment didn’t make me loose my academic. I still be the winner in mark. I’ve never joined a student organization cause I felt that it was the place where the student that don’t have capability in the academic. Because of that, to attract the people’s attention they usually join on it. In the second stage I often asked for teacher’s adice about what I should do with my capabilitiy. They asked me to improve my personality skill especially to talk in front of class. They also supported me to continue at the university. I know it was impossible to do because I don’t have money. I also have to work to help my parent to fullfil my own need. I often helped my friends in understanding lecture at school that make me had a lot of friends. I really really felt good at that time.

As the time passed away I had a great motivation to continue my study no metter what is the way. One sentence I always remember, “There is a will there is a way”. I lied down all to the Almight GOD. I only could try my best and prayed. I’m really sure that I’ll get my success when I did it seriously. I started to look for a scholarship for study in the university. And I got oen namely BMU (Bea Masuk Universitas). It is anabled me to join the entrance exam to university freely and also will get a monthly payment for Rp 125000. I was really happy at that time. I felt that my success door has open and waitng for me to enter.

After graduating from senior high school I studied hard to be able to continue my study. I did’t join any course to prepare facing entrance exam cause lacking of money. But I didn’t wanna surrender. I always borrowed my friend’s book who join the course and I tried to solve it by my self or with my friends. In the announcement I was accepted in industrial Engineering of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya. I really confused because I had to pay 4.600.000 to enter.

With only bravement in my heart I went to Surabaya and lived in an Orphan place located at Jagir Street. I go to ITS with my bicycle for always one hour to arrive. I really happy with this condition. no metter where do I live. The most important thing is I could study at university. At night I often looked to the children sleeping in the floor with no bed or pillow. I remember that all of them don’t have family. How could this happen. My heart cries to remember that time. I really felt that I was the most fortune person to life in that place.

After several times I went to the new bording house cause I got a scholarship namely Beastudi Etos that make me have to live in that place. In this new environtment I have to live with the same person I mean as a college student. There a lot of program and training I got from this scholarship. In the second year we are expected to have our own income to pay our tuition/ school fee. That way now I also work as a teacher that gives a private course to student. I also encourage joining an organization to help me improving my personality and interpersonal skill.

Lately, I realize that it’s really important for us to join an organization. We will know how to interact with the other, learning to manage a project, and so on. I regret that I’ve not join a student organization in the both junior and senior high school. For those reason, in the second year, I start to join an organization by joinning BEM FTI. I choose the Enterpreneurship departement that match with my departement. I also join in religius organization namely MSI Ulul ‘Ilmi to keep the spiritual action.

Now, I am not a person who always unconfidence and afraid to do something new, but I am New Abdul Basyir, a person with new feeling and new colour. I can speak in front of class to express my opinion and really desire to try something new. I really love to work in team to get our ideal come true. I also want to master at least two kinds of foreign language namely English and Arabic. Hopefully that it will be useful in my future.

Thank You


4 thoughts on “Abdul Basyir

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  2. Ass .wr wb
    I hope i can get a sh0larship, because i want sc0ol at university but i just a single parent daughter that have l0w financial.

  3. emm…so inspirative,and i think u’re a person with great spirit within ur hearth.
    salute for ur buffetings..
    two thumbs up..i learn a valuable things from u

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